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Body Contouring Surgery Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center provides body contouring and liposuction surgery including tummy tuck & abdominoplasty, mini tummy tuck, mommy makeover, traditional liposuction, Avelar abdominoplasty, diastasis recti repair, revision abdominoplasty, MicroAire power assisted liposuction, laser assisted liposuction, brachioplasty, thigh lift, Brazilian butt lift, after weight loss & post bariatric surgery, hand rejuvenation, spider vein sclerotherapy, and abdominal wall hernia repair and reconstruction.

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Brazilian Butt Lift by Dr Michael Thornton

dr michael thornton brazilian butt lift


Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty
Mini Tummy Tuck
Mommy Makeover
Lipotherme Laser Lipo
Brachioplasty – Arm Lift
Brazilian Butt Lift
Hand Rejuvenation
After Weight Loss Skin Removal
Post Bariatric Body Rejuvenation
Abdominal Hernia Repair
Sclerotherapy – Spider Veins

Dr Michael Thornton

Expertise of Dr. Michael Thornton

Dr. Michael L. Thornton is a fellowship-trained, dual board certified Cosmetic Surgeon and Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Thornton was specifically trained in both traditional and modern techniques in body contouring and liposuction surgery during his 12-month advanced cosmetic surgery fellowship and has successfully performed numerous body contouring procedures.  Dr. Thornton attends yearly national cosmetic surgery meetings and participates in advanced courses to offer you the latest techniques in body contouring and liposuction surgery.