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Dr. Michael Thornton is the surgical director at Mansfield Surgical Associates & Cosmetic Surgery Center and holds three separate surgical board certifications including, general surgery, trauma surgery / surgical critical care, and cosmetic surgery, who has operative experience in laparoscopic hernia repair and open abdominal hernia repair. 

Dr. Thornton specializes in the following hernia operations:

Abdominal hernia repair
Umbilical hernia repair
Ventral / Incisional hernia repair
Laparoscopic ventral hernia repair
Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair
Inguinal hernia / Groin hernia / Femoral hernia repair
Recurrent hernia / Revision hernia repair

Dr. Thornton also specializes in treatment of postpartum or pregnancy induced umbilical hernia and muscle separation with concurrent abdominoplasty and hernia repair surgery:

Postpartum / pregnancy related umbilical hernia
Postpartum / pregnancy related rectus diastasis

Abdominal hernia or ventral hernia or incisional hernia results from previous surgery to the abdomen that causing small tears or weaknesses in the muscles and protective fascia allowing internal abdominal organs and internal fat to become caught inside the muscular opening.  Abdominal wall hernia may also occur following pregnancy due to stretching the abdominal muscles and belly button, otherwise known as an umbilical hernia. Another common area for the development of a hernia is in the groin or inguinal region, called an inguinal hernia, and is extremely common in males.

A hernia may be painful or create tender masses or protrusions from various places on your abdominal wall and groin.  Most abdominal wall hernias are not surgical emergencies but sometimes the intestines become incarcerated leading to strangulation thus cutting off the blood supply may require emergency surgery.

Dr. Thornton specializes in repair of abdominal wall hernias that have occurred during pregnancy whereby he repairs the hernia at the same time as abdominoplasty or mommy makeover procedures.  

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Dr. Michael Thornton can repair the abdominal hernia in various ways:  1) laparoscopic approach making small incisions in your abdomen skin and fixing the hernia using a video camera and small instruments, or  2) using an open approach whereby the hernia is repaired with a larger incision made directly over the hernia site.  Mesh material (synthetic or biologic) is not always necessary to repair hernias but it is frequently used to reduce the chance of hernia failure and hernia recurrence.

What can I expect during my consultation?

During your consultation, you will meet privately and exclusively with Dr. Michael Thornton where you will collectively share in the decision making process about your hernia surgery.  Although well qualified, we choose not use patient coordinators, nurse practitioners, or physicians assistants to perform your consultation.  Dr. Thornton will complete a thorough medical history and perform a careful examination of your hernia.

Dr. Thornton will discuss with you whether you are an acceptable candidate for hernia surgery, the type of surgery performed (laparoscopic vs. open), or whether to place mesh materials to repair your hernia.  Risk of hernia recurrence or the development of post surgical wound complications are increased when patients either have diabetes, obesity, smoking and the use of tobacco, chronic coughing symptoms, COPD, poor nutrition, previous hernia infection, previous hernia repair and /or advanced age.  Therefore, having one or more of these conditions increases your risk of post surgical hernia related complications.

Where will my surgery take place?

Hernia repair surgery is typically performed as an outpatient surgical procedure, but on occasion and depending on the complexity of your hernia, you may require a brief hospital stay.  To serve you better, Dr. Thornton has surgery privileges to perform your specialized hernia repair surgery at various hospitals in Mansfield, Arlington, and Fort Worth:

Baylor Surgicare at Mansfield
Medical Center of Arlington

Methodist Mansfield Medical Center
Baylor All Saints Medical Center


Dr Michael Thornton

Expertise of Dr. Michael Thornton

Dr. Michael L. Thornton is a double board certified general surgeon and cosmetic surgeon who has three active board certifications in general surgery, trauma surgery /surgical critical care, and cosmetic surgery, with approximately 20 years in operative experience in the treatment and repair of various abdominal hernias.  He has advanced fellowship training in trauma surgery from the University of Maryland, R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, where he learned sophisticated techniques of complex abdominal wall repair.