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Breast Augmentation
Silicone Gel and Saline Breast Implants


Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center provides saline and silicone gel breast augmentation and breast implants for clients in: Mansfield, Arlington, Burleson, Cedar Hill, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Kennedale, and the greater DFW Metroplex.

Breast augmentation allows you to experience a wonderful transformation in how you look and feel to help you achieve self-confidence and the ability to look your best.

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Are you a breast augmentation candidate?

Basically, women have two choices to enhance their selves with breast augmentation: saline or silicone gel breast implants. Breast augmentation with saline implants are intended for females who are at least 18 years old. However, women who choose breast augmentation with a silicone implant must be at least 22 years old. Our choice for a silicone gel-filled implant features a unique cohesive gel that holds together uniformly while resembling the natural look and feel of natural breasts.

To better simplify the philosophy of breast augmentation, there are three basic candidates requesting breast augmentation cosmetic procedure in our office.  Which one are you?

  1. A female between age 18 to 30’s with developmentally small breasts (A-cup or small B-cup) who simply needs added volume. Their most commonly requested size is a “36 full C-cup”. They are extremely happy following a breast rejuvenation and experience a wonderful transformation that improves self-confidence and total body image.
  2. A female between age late 20’s to 40’s with one or several children and experienced postpartum deflation following pregnancy and breast-feeding. As a consequence, her breasts now appear flat, flabby, and deflated.  These female clients are also extremely happy following primary breast augmentation, but may also need a mastopexy / breast lift or combined mastopexy breast augmentation as a combination procedure with both breast lift plus breast augmentation. This determination will be made on an individual basis.
  3. A female patient who has a breast-implant but is now requesting revision breast implant cosmetic surgery due to breast asymmetry, breast capsular contraction with hardening of the implant within the chest, painful breasts, ruptured implants or skin rippling. These candidates commonly request implant exchange from saline to silicone gel, implant removal, breast lift, or other complex breast procedure.

What are the expectations during my breast augmentation consultation?

During your breast augmentation consultation, you will meet privately and exclusively with  Dr. Michael Thornton where you will collectively share in the decision making process about your personal needs, desires, and expectations.  Although well qualified, we choose not use patient coordinators, nurse practitioners, or physicians assistants to perform your consultation.  Next, we will have you try on our various implant sizers to give you an approximation on how you will look following the implant procedure.  For your safety, Dr. Michael Thornton only chooses implants approved by the FDA from either Allergan or Mentor, but the choice is ultimately yours.

Is there a center for breast augmentation near me? Where will my procedure take place?

All augmentative, mastopexy, breast reduction and revision procedures are performed under general anesthesia at Baylor Surgicare at Mansfield, a AAAHC certified out-patient center, located in Mansfield, Texas. On average, a primary breast augmentation procedure will take 1 to 1.5 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the case.  Furthermore, all procedures are performed using general anesthesia provided by board-certified anesthesiologists and certified anesthesia providers.  Dr. Thornton does not perform or believe in performing ‘awake’ breast augmentation procedures.

What are the steps in my breast augmentation procedure?

Following admission to the surgical center you will introduced to the preoperative nurses who will complete your paper work, review the consent, and start an IV.  You will be happily greeted by Dr. Michael Thornton who will complete your chart and review the procedure’s details and introduce you to the operating room staff and anesthesia team who will be taking care of you.  The anesthesia providers will place you under general anesthesia and Dr. Thornton will begin your implant procedure.

The majority of the time, Dr. Thornton will make precise incisions along the infra-mammary crease (the natural crease below your breast where your bra rests upon).  The incisions will vary in size from 4 cm to 5 cm based upon the size of the implant.  Unless otherwise specified, Dr. Thornton will place your implants under the muscle (sub pectoral) and release the muscle attachments called a “dual plane”.  This under muscle and dual plane placement provides a long-lasting appearance with good forward projection along with softening and natural rounding of the lower portion of the breast.  Drainage tubes are not placed at the time of procedure.

Dr. Thornton uses a Keller Funnel for breast augmentation for all silicone implant procedures and follows standard protocols for antibiotic irrigation or washing of the breast pocket and implant prior to placement.  The Keller Funnel is a plastic sleeve that allows placement of a silicone gel breast implant into the breast pocket with minimal exposure to skin contamination or the potential of cracking the silicone gel shell or implant. Because of Dr. Michael Thornton’s expertise in the use of the Keller Funnel, he has met specific criteria and educational requirements to display “The Keller Funnel Certification Seal” and “Keller Funnel Partner in Education Advocate Seal”.

Finally, following placement of each breast augmentation implant, Dr. Thornton will close each incision with multiple layers of absorb-able sutures; therefore, no stitches will have to be removed in the office.  Your final incisions will be covered with a water-proof glue called, Dermabond, and then covered with brown Micropore tape that you will leave in place for approximately 2 weeks.  A complimentary soft cotton bra will be provided at the end of your surgical procedure.

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What is my expected breast augmentation recovery?

Following your breast augmentation or reconstructive surgery to enhance or repair the shape of your breasts, you will recover at the surgical center until you are safe to be discharged and go home with an appropriate care giver.  You will be provided with post operative instructions, narcotic pain medication, muscle relaxation medication, antibiotics, and nausea medication.  You may take a shower the next morning.  It is normal to experience pain at the pectoral muscles for the first 7 days.  However, after 7 – 10 days, you will begin feeling less sore and begin to perform minimal activities.

You may begin, and Dr. Thornton will demonstrate, breast massage exercises at 2 week intervals.  Dr. Thornton will monitor your progress weekly to monthly for the first 6 months and again at 12 months. Breast augmentation before and after or breast implants before and after photos will be taken at 3 – 4 months following breast augmentation, as this is the average time where you will begin to notice the most optimal appearance of your breasts.  Results will vary from one patient to another and patients are expected to have realistic expectations following breast augmentation.

How much does breast enhancement cost?

There are a number of factors determining the cost of breast augmentation and breast lift cost. More importantly, is whether you are a good candidate for breast augmentation, since we only use the highest quality, safest and most effective surgical methods, materials, and techniques. Don’t settle for a typical implant procedure when you can receive the highest care and confidence in your breast augmentation at Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center, just outside Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas.

Breast Implant Removal or Breast Implant Revision

In addition to breast augmentation, Dr. Thornton also specializes in breast implant removal and breast implant revision. We understand that not all breast implants and breast augmentations are the same and sometimes patients from other practices come to our Mansfield clinic to have their implants revised, adjusted, or removed. We can discuss these procedures and more at your next consultation with Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery in: Dallas-Fort Worth, where Dr. Thornton ALWAYS consults with his patients one-on-one.


breast implant revision surgery mansfield cosmetic surgery center
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Breast Surgery Procedures

  • breast augmentation mansfield cosmetic surgery center

    Breast Augmentation

    Saline or Silicone Gel Breast Implants to increase breast size

  • mastopexy breast lift mansfield cosmetic surgery center

    Breast Lift Mastopexy

    Lift your breasts due to droopiness or effects of pregnancy

  • breast reduction mansfield cosmetic surgery center

    Breast Reduction Surgery

    Reduce the size of your breasts

  • breast revision mansfield cosmetic surgery center

    Breast Implant Revision

    Implant exchange, downsize implants, capsule repair, implant malposition

  • gynecomastia mansfield cosmetic surgery center

    Gynecomastia - For Men

    Male breast VASER liposculpting with gland removal

  • implant removal mansfield cosmetic surgery center

    Breast Implant Removal

    Breast implant removal, ruptured silicone implants, capsulectomy

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Meet Dr. Michael L. Thornton

Dr. Michael L. Thornton is a fellowship trained, double board certified Cosmetic Surgeon and Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery providing you with an advanced array of surgical procedures in facial cosmetic surgery, cosmetic breast surgery, body & buttock contouring surgery, liposuction, after weight loss skin surgery, and non-surgical aesthetics from our medical spa.

Fellowship trained Cosmetic Surgeon with completion of 12-month accredited program by American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS).

Double Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon & Diplomate American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Specializing in Cosmetic Surgery of the Face, Breast, Body, Buttock  & Nonsurgical Aesthetics.

2015 (16) (17) (18) “SuperDocs” & "Reader's Choice Best Cosmetic Surgeon" 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 in Living Magazine Arlington & Mansfield.

Double Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon
Diplomate American Board of Cosmetic Surgery