Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Dr. Michael Thornton at Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center provides breast implant revision surgery to correct breast implant related complications, imperfections, malposition, capsule contraction, breast implant removal and exchange, or breast implant rupture.

Various breast implant related complications can occur and most problems are minor and do not require revision surgery.  However, some patients may require revision surgery if symptoms such as pain, discomfort, unsightly appearance, hardening, or deflation occur.

If your implants are 10 years old or more, there is no reason to remove or replace your breast implants unless you are experiencing one of the above listed symptoms.  Our office is asked this question on a regular basis and this is a very confusing topic as most patients follow incorrect guidelines from friends, relatives, or uninformed physicians.  Basically, there is no need to replace your breast implants unless you have a problem.  Breast implants do not have a “time limit” or “expiration date”.  Most well trained, ethical and board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons would agree. On the contrary, cosmetic plastic surgeons who advertise, promote sales, or draw attention to the contrary of this belief are using unethical, fear-mongering tactics.  Beware.

“There is no need to replace your breast implants unless you have a problem”: TRUE

“Breast implants do not have a “time limit” or “expiration date”: TRUE

“Breast implants do not need to be replaced every ten years”: TRUE

Dr. Michael Thornton has experience in performing and repairing breast implant related complications including silicone or saline implant replacement for rupture, repairing and removing capsule contraction or breast hardening, implant malposition, implant dropping or bottom-out, breast ptosis or droopy breast over implants — also known as a double bubble deformity, nipple size reduction, repair of nipple retraction, reducing diameter size of the areola, and repair of tubular breast deformity.

What can I expect during my breast consultation?

During your consultation, you will meet privately and exclusively with  Dr. Michael Thornton where you will collectively share in the decision making process about your personal needs, desires, and expectations regarding breast implant revision surgery.  Although well qualified, we choose not use patient coordinators, nurse practitioners, or physicians assistants to perform your consultation.

Where will my breast surgery take place?

All breast implant revision procedures are performed under general anesthesia at Baylor Surgicare at Mansfield, a AAAHC certified out-patient surgery center, located in Mansfield, Texas. On average, a breast implant revision procedure may take several hours to complete, depending upon the complexity of the case.  Furthermore, all procedures are performed using general anesthesia as provided by board-certified anesthesiologists and certified anesthesia providers.  We do not perform or believe in performing ‘awake’ breast surgery procedures.

Dr Michael Thornton

Expertise of Dr. Michael Thornton

Dr. Michael L. Thornton is a fellowship-trained, dual board certified Cosmetic Surgeon and Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.  He was specifically trained in breast cosmetic surgery and has successfully performed breast revision surgery on numerous clients.  Dr. Thornton attends yearly national cosmetic surgery meetings and advanced breast courses to offer the latest techniques in breast cosmetic surgery.