Breast Implant Size: How Do I Pick the Best Size of Implant?

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Breast Implant Size: How Do I Pick the Best Size of Implant?

Choosing the right breast implant size is a crucial decision that impacts both your appearance and comfort. At Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Michael Thornton, a double board-certified cosmetic surgeon and Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, understands the importance of this choice and is committed to guiding you through the process of breast augmentation. With years of expertise and experience, Dr. Thornton provides personalized consultations to ensure that your breast implant size complements your body’s proportions and meets your aesthetic goals.

10 Tips for Picking the Best Size of Breast Implant

  1. Don’t Focus Solely on Bra Cup Size
    Bra cup sizes are not standardized and can vary between manufacturers. At Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Thornton emphasizes understanding the cubic centimeter (cc) measurements or volume of implants rather than the desired bra cup size. Trying on various breast implant sizers in his office will provide you a better sense of how you will appear, leading to a more satisfactory surgical outcome.
  2. Explore Different Types of Implants
    Breast implants come in various shapes, profiles, and textures, each offering a distinct look. Teardrop implants mimic the natural slope of the breast, while round implants provide a fuller and more projected appearance across the entire breast. Dr. Thornton does not provide options for teardrop implants and specializes in providing higher profile, smooth surface, and round breast implants.
  3. Understand Your Body
    During your consultation, detailed measurements of your body frame, weight, height, shoulder width, and current breast volume will be taken. Dr. Thornton will evaluate the base width of your breasts to ensure the implants are in proportion with your chest girth. This comprehensive approach helps in selecting an implant size that harmonizes with your natural proportions, ensuring a balanced and pleasing result.
  4. Consider Your Lifestyle
    Your daily activities and hobbies should influence your choice of implant size. For active individuals, especially those engaged in sports or regular exercise, opting for a size that won’t hinder physical activity is crucial. Consider your wardrobe and how different implant sizes might complement or alter the fit of your clothing, especially tailored pieces. Dr. Thornton can guide you in choosing implants that enhance your lifestyle without causing discomfort or limitations.
  5. Know Your Motivation
    Understanding the reasons behind your decision for breast augmentation helps in choosing the right size. Whether you seek a subtle enhancement or a more noticeable change, the goal is to select a size that boosts your confidence and aligns with your personal aspirations.
  6. Be Mindful of Your Budget
    The cost of breast augmentation varies based on factors like implant type and surgical fees. Dr. Thornton ensures you have a clear understanding of the costs involved, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your financial situation. On average, silicone breast augmentation is more expensive as compared to saline breast augmentation.
  7. Shape and Position Consideration
    In addition to size, consider the need for a breast lift or adjustments in shape and position, especially after significant life events like childbirth, lactation, and weight loss. In cases where patients require a breast lift or mastopexy, combining breast augmentation with mastopexy can address sagging and volume loss simultaneously. Dr. Thornton advises waiting until your breast size stabilizes following breast feeding for several months before finalizing your decision on implants.
  8. Bring a Trusted Companion to Consultations
    Having a friend or family member with you during consultations can provide support and an additional perspective on your choice, although the final decision should reflect your personal desire and comfort.
  9. Think Long-Term
    Consider how your choice of breast implants will affect your life in the long run, keeping in mind that while implants are durable, they are not considered long term devices. Choose a size that you will be content with for many years.
  10. Trust Your Surgeon’s Expertise
    Dr. Thornton’s recommendations are based on extensive experience and a deep understanding of aesthetic, cosmetic and anatomical considerations. Trusting his guidance can lead to a choice that is both aesthetically pleasing and suitable for your body.

What size is the average breast implant?

The average breast implant size usually falls between 300cc and 500cc, with 450cc being the most common choice among patients. This range is favored because it offers a significant yet natural-looking enhancement. Implants around 300cc to 350cc are often selected by women who desire a fuller shape that complements their frame without making a drastic change. When determining the appropriate size for breast augmentation, various factors are considered, including the patient’s body size and weight, existing breast shape and size, and the characteristics of the chest wall and breast tissue. Your desired cleavage is another aspect to consider, as certain sizes and profiles of implants will influence the spacing and fullness of cleavage. Ultimately, the right implant size is determined through a detailed consultation with Dr. Thornton, aiming to achieve a size that meets your individual’s aesthetic goals while fitting your unique body structure. The characteristics of your chest wall, including muscle, breastbone and rib cage structure, will influence the choice of implant size and profile. At Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Thornton prioritizes a personalized approach, ensuring that each patient receives the guidance needed to choose the best implant size for their body and aesthetic desires.

What is the largest breast implant size?

The largest breast implant size approved by the FDA can reach up to 800cc, catering to patients who desire a significant increase in breast size. This limit applies to both silicone gel breast implants and saline implant shells. However, saline implants offer more flexibility as they can be inserted empty and filled to the desired size during the procedure, potentially exceeding 800cc to accommodate larger augmentation requests. While the standard maximum is 800cc, in certain cases, breast implants can range from 1000cc to 3000cc, although these sizes are beyond typical augmentation practices, can cause shoulder problems and necessitate careful consideration and specialized surgical expertise. At Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Thornton specializes in breast augmentation with more average sized breast implants to ensure long-term safety and outcome following your breast augmentation procedure.

How can you compare different breast implant sizes?

To effectively compare different breast implant sizes, one must navigate several critical elements beyond the traditional bra cup size, including implant volume and diameter. Implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc’s), and generally, it takes about 200cc to increase the breasts by one cup size. However, this can vary with different bras and manufacturers’ sizing criteria. While there’s a general rule of thumb that 200cc correlates to about one cup size increase, Dr. Thornton emphasizes that individual proportions are key. Implant volume, which ranges from 80cc to over 800cc, is a direct indicator of size. The diameter of the implant is also key, as it should align with the width of the breast for a natural fit. Dr. Thornton measures the base width of the implants in centimeters to ensure a precise fit within the natural contours of your breasts. Additionally, the implant’s profile determines its projection from the chest wall, with options ranging from low to ultra-high, influencing the breast’s forward appearance. While shape is not a size factor, it does affect the final look—round implants provide upper fullness, while teardrop-shaped implants give a natural slope. During your consultation, Dr. Thornton uses various breast implant sizers from our in-office kit to help visualize the effects of various sizes and enhancements.

What factors should I consider when choosing a breast implant size?

Consider your body frame, current breast size, desired outcome, lifestyle, and the recommendation of your cosmetic surgeon. At Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Thornton takes these factors into account to personalize your implant size choice.

How do I visualize what different implant sizes will look like on me?

During your consultation, Dr. Thornton uses various breast implant sizers from our in-office kit to help directly visualize yourself in our mirror.

Will my chosen implant size look the same as someone else’s?

No, implant sizes appear differently on everyone due to individual body shapes and tissue characteristics. Dr. Thornton ensures your chosen size complements your unique anatomy.

How does my body type affect my implant size choice?

Your height, weight, chest width, and current breast volume play crucial roles in determining the appropriate implant size for a balanced look. These measurements guide the process with Dr. Thornton.

Can I choose an implant size based on a photo I like?

While photos can provide a reference point, your implant size will be tailored to your body. Dr. Thornton can help translate your inspiration into a realistic goal.

Does the implant size I choose affect recovery time?

Generally, recovery time isn’t significantly affected by implant size, but larger implants may require more careful handling. Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center provides detailed aftercare instructions regardless of size.

How will my age impact my choice of breast implant size?

Skin elasticity and body changes should be considered; what suits you now might change with the aging process. Dr. Thornton can discuss long-term satisfaction with different sizes.

What if I choose an implant size and then change my mind?

It’s best to make a well-considered decision initially, but revisions are possible. Dr. Thornton supports your journey, even if that means adjusting plans.

Can I achieve a natural look with larger implants?

Yes, a natural appearance is possible with larger implants if they are proportionate to your body’s scale. Dr. Thornton focuses on achieving a harmonious balance.

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Dr. Michael L. Thornton is a fellowship-trained, double board certified Cosmetic Surgeon and Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery specializing in facial cosmetic surgery, cosmetic breast surgery, body contouring surgery and liposuction, post-bariatric after weight loss surgery, and non-surgical aesthetic skin rejuvenation.