Is Botox Safe?

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Is Botox Safe?

Safety of Botox:

It’s important to ask, is Botox safe? Patients and clinicians should always inquire about safety, and we, at the Medical Spa at Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center, have set out to research and answer the question.

Here’s the short answer: Yes, Botox has been shown to be incredibly safe for cosmetic purposes and has been studied very well.

Botox has been safely used in the aesthetic world since its release over 20 years ago. It was originally FDA approved in 2002 and continues to display safety in every research study performed. Each year, nearly 3.5 million people receive Botox injections, making its reliable, predictable and providing safe results unparalleled to anything else on the market. In fact, a recent study published that Botox is safer than aspirin or acetaminophen (Tylenol).

** While research studies have shown Botox to be very safe for cosmetic purposes, this medication must still be used with caution and under the performance of a properly educated and well-trained clinicians. Every medication has its risks and side effects, and here at the Medical Spa at Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center safety is our number one priority with every patient, every time.

dr michael l thornton double board certified cosmetic surgeon mansfield cosmetic surgery center

Dr. Michael L. Thornton is a fellowship-trained, double board certified Cosmetic Surgeon and Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery specializing in facial cosmetic surgery, cosmetic breast surgery, body contouring surgery and liposuction, post-bariatric after weight loss surgery, and non-surgical aesthetic skin rejuvenation.