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Cynosure ICON IPL Photofacial

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At the Medical Spa at Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center, we use the Cynosure ICON Aesthetic Laser System that is considered industry standard cutting edge technology along with the MaxG and MaxY handheld IPL device to deliver controlled, intense pulse light therapy or IPL or photo rejuvenation.

IPL stands for (Intense Pulsed Light) and in its simplest form, this is saying ‘short flashes of very bright light energy’.  Our IPL skin treatment seeks to reduce the visible signs of aging skin and sun damage by removing age spots, brown spots, freckles, pigmented irregularities, acne scars, diffuse redness, small blood vessels, vascular lesions, and improving the overall texture and skin tone. Common areas of treatment include the face, neck, décolleté, arms and the back of the hands.

Our Cynosure ICON Aesthetic Laser System carefully and precisely controls the overall delivery of the light pulses through the use of its sophisticated computer controlled individual MaxG and MaxY handpieces with specific wavelengths or light-band of energy that target the brown pigmented lesions or red pigmented lesions in the skin. Following IPL photo-rejuvenation, your skin will appear revitalized with diminished pigmentation.

What does an IPL Photofacial treatment do?

IPL photofacial treatment (aka photofacial or photorejuvenation) is a manner to improve the tone, color, brightness and overall texture of your skin without surgery and with minimal downtime. It can reduce visible photoaging and sun damage caused by direct sun exposure — mostly to your face, neck, hands, and chest. IPL specifically targets melanin pigments and broken capillaries in the dermis. The resulting IPL treatment stimulates collagen growth, reduces melanin pigment, and shrinks visible blood vessels.

Benefits of IPL Photofacial

  • Noninvasive reduction of sun damage, brown spots, freckles, and improvement of skin texture.
  • Improves the overall brightness of your skin and provides a youthful skin glow.
  • Office based aesthetic treatment with minimal downtime and ability to return to normal daily activities in 24 – 48 hours.
  • IPL also targets red pigmented areas like visible blood vessels, small vascular lesions and rosacea.
  • IPL can improve active acne disease and acne scarring with repeated treatments.
  • IPL treatments are quickly performed and discomfort is minimal.

Is an IPL Photofacial worth it?

IPL is an excellent option for people who want to address many of the signs of photoaging and sun damage with one non-invasive treatment performed by our aestheticians. You can greatly improve fine lines, sun spots, redness, and dull skin, all with the power of our Cynosure ICON Aesthetic Laser System.

How long do IPL Photofacial results last?

Results from an IPL photofacial treatment may last for up to one year although results are individualized and distinctive to each person. You may receive overlapping or maintenance IPL treatments within several months to keep your results lasting longer and your skin fresher.

Does IPL Photofacial tighten skin?

IPL treatments do not specifically tighten areas of skin following successful treatment. There are other devices and laser technology that tightens skin. However, it is important to realize that IPL treatments are a popular form of skin rejuvenation to reduce sun damage, age spots, brown spots, freckles, acne scars, diffuse redness, and improving the overall texture of your skin.

Does IPL Photofacial improve fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes, IPL treatments stimulate collagen growth in the dermis and and improves your skin’s texture, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles — although results may vary and are individualized. It is important to discuss your expectations before your treatment.

Is IPL Photofacial painful?

IPL photofacial treatments may cause mild discomfort but our Cynosure ICON IPL system has actively cools the laser tip at the skin surface as the machine is operating with its Chill Tip technology. Our aestheticians also apply a topical cool gel to aid in the safe dispersion of the light energy to the skin surface. This considerably reduces any discomfort felt during the treatment. Most patients say the discomfort feels like the small snap of a rubber band on your skin.

What does your face look like after IPL?

Immediately after an IPL photo facial, your skin will appear pink and feel like you have a mild sunburn along with a warm sensation. This is a normal feeling and should resolve in a few hours although some redness may last for several days. Over the next several days, areas of skin pigment will darken and arise to the surface similar to coffee grounds or peppered appearance and simply flake off.

Cynosure ICON IPL
Cynosure ICON IPL face
Cynosure ICON IPL vascular lesions face

How often should I get a Photofacial?

A single IPL treatment is not sufficient to provide ample rejuvenation of your skin and elimination of long-standing sun damage. Therefore, for optimal results it is recommended to have more than one IPL treatment. In other words, as you have progressive IPL treatments, the pigmented areas of melanin will begin making their way to the top layers of your skin, and eventually reaching the surface to flake off. Because many of these cells are located in the deeper layer of your skin you will need multiple treatments before your pigmented cells can reach the surface and become permanently eliminated. Therefore, IPL photofacial treatments can be spaced approximately 4 – 6 weeks apart to allow natural cell turnover and provide enough time for your skin to recover from previous treatments.

Does and Don’ts After Your IPL Photofacial

Following your IPL photofacial treatment, it is advised to keep the treated area moisturized and hydrated. Using a topical moisturizer of choice and application of sunscreen is highly advised. Cleansing and washing your face with warm water will hydrate your skin and assist in the exfoliation process of topical skin cells. It is equally important to avoid directly exposing newly treated skin to the sun for several weeks. In addition, you must reduce the urge to pick, scratch, or mechanically exfoliate your skin following your IPL treatment.

All of our providers have undergone advanced training and certification on the Cynosure PicoSure laser system and are are available for consultations.

chelsea jarboe licensed medical esthetician mansfield cosmetic surgery center

Chelsea Jarboe
Licensed Medical Esthetician

Chelsea Jarboe
Licensed Medical Esthetician

Chelsea Jarboe is our Licensed Medical Esthetician at Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center who also serves as our lead Patient Coordinator.  She decided to further her education to receive her esthetician training at Ogle School of Cosmetology and Esthetics, where she was consistently in the Top 10 for Client Count.  Chelsea has advanced training and certifications in IPL photofacial skin rejuvenation, Cynosure PicoSure Tattoo removal, Picosure Focus Skin treatments, and HydraFacial Syndeo.  Other special interests include Cleansing Facials,  Facial Waxing, Brow Lamination and Eyelash Lift, and assisting our clients with medical grade SkinCeuticals skin care.

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