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PicoSure is the most advanced laser technology for fast, safe, and effective removal of tattoos of ALL colors.  At Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center, we use the FDA-cleared PicoSure device for clients living near Mansfield, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Waxahachie, Fort Worth, and PicoSure Tattoo Removal in Dallas.  Today, it is faster, easier, and more popular than ever to have tattoo removal.

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Do you need a Millennial Makeover? Tattoo regret is experienced by millennials and older age groups – due to changes in employment, desire for military enrollment, changes in relationship status, or overall personal growth.  According to statistics, the “typical” American tattoo patient is single, female, 24-39 years old, and college educated and of those, 40% cited employment concerns as the reason for tattoo removal.

Mansfield cosmetic surgery center picosure tattoo removal

Most millennials desire tattoo removal.  Therefore, if you have unwanted tattoos and would like to have them removed then PicoSure laser tattoo removal can help you achieve your goals!  Compared to other laser tattoo devices over the past several years, PicoSure provides safer and more effective technology to remove tattoos faster and with ease.

How PicoSure differs from other laser tattoo removal devices is based on the technology of the “picosecond”.  Using patented picosecond technology, the PicoSure laser delivers an ultra-short burst of energy directly to the tattoo pigment in a trillionth of a second.  The ultra-short pulse of energy that is directed to the pigment is so fast and quick, it vibrates and shatters the target ink into extremely small particles that are easily eliminated by the body.  The PicoSure technology is so amazingly fast, that is utilizes photomechanical pressure waves instead of photothermal heat waves, thus reducing side effects and imparting less heat injury to the surrounding skin.  Other advantages of the PicoSure laser for tattoo removal include fewer treatments than traditional Q-switched lasers and improved removal of all colors.