Our Top Three Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Our Top Three Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Don’t let another summer pass you by – instead, let’s explore the TOP THREE cosmetic surgery procedures that Dr. Michael L. Thornton and Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center can offer to help you create your best self.

Breast Augmentation

At Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Michael L. Thornton, a double board certified cosmetic surgeon and Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, was specifically trained in breast cosmetic surgery. With his track record of success, years of experience and continued training in the latest breast augmentation surgery techniques, it’s no wonder that breast augmentation surgery is one of our most popular procedures.

Choosing between silicone or saline and implant size are all important decisions that Dr. Thornton can guide you through during your consultation. You will also be able to try on implant “sizers” to get a visual idea of which size best matches your body proportions.  Your next step is the surgery itself as Breast Augmentation is performed at an accredited, out-patient surgery center in Mansfield using general anesthesia and usually takes no more than 1.5 hours. You will also personally see Dr. Thornton for follow-up appointments to ensure that you are healing properly.


Liposuction is also one of the most popular procedures performed at Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center, and is actually one of the most popular procedures in the U.S. for both men and women. Nearly half a million people receive liposuction annually making it the number one cosmetic surgical procedure performed in the nation!

At Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center, we offer a range of options to best fit your needs and lifestyle. Dr. Thornton performs both suction-assisted liposuction (the traditional method) and power-assisted liposuction using the MicroAire device. Both of these procedures involve a cannula attached to a suction machine.  The cannula is gently moved around while permanently suctioning out unwanted fat. Post-procedure, you will wear a compression garment for up to a month to aid with healing and to resolve the postoperative swelling.

We also offer the newest advancements in body sculpting – laser-assisted liposuction (for smaller areas) and VASER liposculpting. VASER is an amazing innovation that is considered the gold standard in liposculpture. A small ultrasound cannula is inserted and ultrasound energy dislodges the fat cells, liquefying them and allowing them to be easily suctioned from the body. Recovery is similar to traditional liposuction, but you will see even better results from the VASER procedure. Dr. Thornton uses VASER for both redo or revision liposuction procedures, male gynecomastia, and high-definition liposculpting.  

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

While there are various surgical procedures designed to lift and sculpt your buttocks, the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is one that uses your own fat give you fuller buttocks.  This procedure has definitely increased in popularity in the past few years.

Utilizing fat transfer techniques, the BBL procedure first involves removing fat, typically from your abdomen, flanks, and back, with VASER and / or MicroAire power liposuction. The harvested live fat cells are then processed and finally injected into fatty soft tissue layers of your buttocks.  The result is a two-for-one bonus – your waist is slimmed with liposuction and your butt is rounder and more defined.  During recovery, Dr. Thornton recommends that you do not place any pressure on your buttocks for two weeks. A compression garment will be worn, and once the swelling has subsided and you’re fully recovered, you will be thrilled with your new sexier shape.  

Whether you choose Breast Augmentation, Liposuction or a Brazilian Butt Lift, call us today at 817-477-9000 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Michael Thornton!

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Dr. Michael L. Thornton is a fellowship-trained, double board certified Cosmetic Surgeon and Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery specializing in facial cosmetic surgery, cosmetic breast surgery, body contouring surgery and liposuction, post-bariatric after weight loss surgery, and non-surgical aesthetic skin rejuvenation.